Addax Petroleum Gets New Telecom Tower

The tower was completed by Afose Works Plc.

The construction of a telecom tower to harbor a repeater site that links Juliet platform operating offshore Cameroon and Addax base in Douala has been completed. The tower was completed in June 2021 by Afose Works Plc, a company involves in the development, deployment and maintenance of telecom infrastructure, solar energy system, tank cleaning, maintenances and rigging services in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry in Central Africa.

The tower situated at altitude 3220 meters on the Cameroon Mountain, has a head load bearing capacity of 12 meters square. It will be able to resist a wind speed of 180km/h at temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to minus 15 degrees centigrade.

The contract to construct the tower was awarded to Afose Works Plc in April 2021. The scope of the job as realised by Afose Works Plc included; site survey on mount Cameroun, geotechnical studies, site preparation, structural analyses of the tower, its foundation and components, tower design modification, excavation works, earthing and grounding works, rebar works, concreating, rigging up of tower and provision of bolts, turnbuckles, shackles, all the safety features and aviation obstruction signs and equipements to make the tower ICAO, ART, and other relevant standards compliant.

“This is not the first project we are realizing in a harsh and difficult environment here temperatures frequently drop to minus 10 degrees centigrade and wind speed ranges from 28 to 53 meters per second we have succeeded in this project pulling from our experience in similar projects that we handled in Badila and Mangara in Chad. there where temperatures sometime go up to 49 degrees centigrade, Our team members are carefully selected and well trained to withstand the environmental and meteorological constrains of very harsh and unfriendly environments” opined DAMIAN KEDZEH, President and Founder of AFRICA OFFSHORE SERVICES AND ENGINEERING WORKS PLC. 

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