AFOSE WORKS PLC boast of teams of experts with many years of fine-tuned experienced in Renewable Energy Installation and Energy saving Initiatives. Our solutions include:

  • Solar Energy for Schools, Solar PV,
  • LED Lighting and Biomass heating.
  • Installation and maintenance of solar energy systems

We install off grid energy efficient systems for corporate and domestic entities. These include, energy efficient air-conditioning and refrigeration able to reduce your monthly expenditure by up to 70%, energy efficient lighting system able to reduce your expenditure on lighting by 85%. We shall carry

  • An engineering site visit upon your request
  • Analyses to determine the best options for your energy needs
  • Sourcing of appropriate equipment to meet your energy needs
  • Installation of equipment including solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, power optimizers, energy accumulators, batteries etc.
  • Commissioning of systems. This involves system evaluation by competent person, pre-start inspection.
  • Our solar panel technicians work with both rooftop solar panels and ground mounted solar panels.

From installation to maintenance, our objective is to help our clients save money and foster a healthy planet through the provision of clean and efficient energy systems.

All our turnkey projects are design base on the concept of cost, clean and efficient energy and; how far we can go to make the earth a cleaner environment for mankind. We assist our clients on all paper work so they will concerntrate on their business while we make things work for them.

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